The one workout staple I rely on!


The ultimate everyday tight! Designed with our zero transparency Nothing 2 See Here fabric, these tights will keep you cool, dry and comfortable from everyday wear to high impact workouts.

  • Nothing 2 C here
  • Moisture Wicking and breathable
  • Hidden pocket
  • Quick dry
  • Easy Care

Fabric Composition: 71% Polyester / 29% Elastane.


  • High waisted
  • No dig waist band
  • OK for squats (Nothing 2 C here fabric)
  • Great for tough workouts with lots of sweat
  • Do not smell or degrade
  • Colour stays true
  • Don’t lose shape


  • Not much of a colour selection
  • Price
  • No phone pocket
  • High waist may not suit all


Retails for $99 AUD + postage and handling.


No guarantee, unlike Lulu Lemon’s lifetime guarantee Lorna Jane doesn’t have one, however, prices are half that of Lulu Lemon and I have found that Lorna Jane products have more life in them than Lulu Lemon.

Your First Wear is the First Wear

Read their commitment below.

‘At Lorna Jane we like nothing more than putting on new Activewear – that ultra fresh feeling of wearing something new that’s never been worn before. But, have you ever questioned how fresh your Activewear actually is and whether your first wear is THE first wear?

Well, at Lorna Jane we can confidently say you will be the first to wear your Activewear and it’s made possible with our ground-breaking First Wear initiative.

The call for untouched Activewear is a growing trend as our communities start to care more about what comes in contact with their bodies; from food, supplements and skincare to now looking at what clothes are made from and how they can affect your skin, you want clear information and trusted options when it comes to your Activewear and we’re here to give it to you!

Your skin is your largest organ and one which, through your pores opening to cool you down when sweating, transfers bacteria from your skin to your clothes and in turn, the bacteria on your clothes to your skin. Women are learning how important it is to be protected from potential germs provided through unwashed new clothes and especially those that sit snug against our bodies. That’s why in 2017 we introduced a brand new kind of NEW through our First Wear initiative to ensure that when you pick your purchase, you’re receiving clean, fresh, untouched and trusted Activewear, every time.’

Size Guide

I am a size 10-12 and I wouldn’t go anything less than a Medium although that’s what it advises doing in the size guide (see below). Rather than go by the M or Sizes, measure up and check against the measurements listed for waist and hips. They have a fantastic size guide on the site which I have inserted below.


I have tried the Lorna Jane Amy tight which has a larger pocket, still no phone pocket and has a waist tie. The difference between the Lorna Jane Lotus A/B tight and the Amy is in the waist. The Amy has a tighter waistband resulting, for me anyway, in a rolling effect on the waistband when I am working out in the gym.



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